Bentley Carr

This webpage is a work in progress...

Hi! I'm Bentley Carr!

I'm a physics student from Sydney, Australia

I went to Sydney Grammar School and I was on the Australian Physics Olympiad team at the Asian Physics Olympiad 2017 in Yakutsk, Russia and the International Physics Olympiad 2017 in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

I'm currently in my third year studying physics at the University of Cambridge!

I'm a lover of dogs , ice cream and sushi !

Selected Projects

Here are a selection of (hopefully interesting) projects which I have been involved in.

(This is a work in progress and none of the links are clickable yet.)

Panopto Downloader for Google Chrome


Panopto Downloader is a extension for Google Chrome to download videos from the lecture streaming service Panopto with over 5000 active users. Both individual videos and folders of videos can be downloaded. Videos with more than one screen can only be downloaded picture-in-picture using Panopto's podcast mode.
This is detail.

Dynamic Science WaveCanvas


WaveCanvas is an interactive simulation of waves in a 2D container conceived by Jeremy Baumberg and recently ported to the web. It allows demonstration of diffraction, refraction and reflection intended for educational use of demonstrating wave dynamics. It is freely available for anyone to play with.

Notes on Physics and Mathematics


These are the notes I took while learning Physics and Mathematics. Much of this is based off my time studying Physics at the University of Cambridge. There are also notes specifically based off Cambridge physics courses although I make no guarantee that the notes cover the same material as what was lectured.
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Other Projects

Here is a list of other projects I have been involved in.

Collection of Physics Problems
Herding Doggos Game (2021)
ZuckSucks (2021)
Party Quiz Webapp (2020)
Multiplayer Volleyball Game (2020)
MMORPG Framework (2020)
Quotes Box (2019)
Elastic Bouncing Balls (2017)
Multiplexed LED Clock (2015)